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What are the dates of the 2013 Tournament?
Friday, July 5 – Sunday, July 7th
How can I stay informed about the Tournament information?
New for this year we have setup a tournament website (www.starspangledlacrosse.com ) to allowing everyone the ability to join a email list to get access to: Important Information, Schedules, updates and important information in case of changes due to weather during the Tournament – please encourage your coaches, team managers and parents to sign-up.
What’s different from last year (2012)?
2022/23 division (new in 2013)
Free Admission
Festival Style Event
2-days of games (Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday)
Where can I park?
At Baldwinsville High School Campus – please park in designated areas only - we will be monitoring parking and please be respectful of the Staff when they ask for your help to address a parking issue/problem. It is the safety of those participating in the event that is our ONLY CONCERN.  FREE Shuttle service is available for players & spectators from the parking lot to the fields or team tents.
I have a parent / grandparent that would like to attend but can’t walk long distances – what can we do?
We provide FREE shuttle transportation to and from the fields from the parking area.  Just waive down one of our Staff Members, Field Coordinators or come to the Registration tent and we will provide transportation.
How do I locate the fields?
Each field will have field numbers on white sign near the end line of the field.  Field maps are available on home page
Where can I find the most current schedule?
Schedules will be posted on the www.starspangledlacrosse.com website, Schedules will be supplied to those identified as the Team/Organization Contact for each Club.  You can also go the www.starspangledlacrosse.com website and join the email lists and you will be emailed when the bulk emails are set out.
Do the players need to register when they arrive at the tournament?
No – all coaches are required to register their teams before the start of their 1st game. Players should discuss a meeting place with their coaches.
Where should players go when they first arrive at the tournament?
We recommend arranging for a meeting time/location with your coach prior to the tournament.
Can we set up a tent for our team / organization?
There is space available to set-up tents. If you do set up a tent – please police your areas – there will be trashcans throughout the area for your use.
Will there be trainers available?
Trainers will be at the site. They are there to address injuries – taping services are provided
What do we do in case of a medical emergency?
Contact one of the Field Coordinators, Trainer, Concession Stand or anyone on the Baldwinsville Staff in or near a golf cart – we have radios for communication and will contact the proper authorities to assist with any emergency situation.
What is the format of each game?
All games are 25 minutes long.
Are there playoffs?
No – This year’s tournament will be festival style per college coaches survey from 2011 tourney, no playoffs or championship
How are the Brackets defined?
HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION -        2014 & 2015 HS graduation years
FUTURES DIVISION –               2016 & 2017 HS graduation years
SHOTTING STARS DIVSION -    2018 & 2019 HS graduation years
PIXIE STIX DIVIDIO –              2020 & 2021 HS graduation years
TBA -                                       2022 & 2023 HS graduation years
OPEN DIVISON -                      2013 & Older

Are there any awards / medals at this tournament?
No – all registered participants (excluding Open Division Players) receive a Tournament gift Packet for playing.
Do all the players get tournament Gift Packet?
Yes – however, all coaches need to submit a complete roster at the Registration Tent – once the roster is submitted the Gift Packet will be supplied ONLY TO THE COACHES. See your coach to get your Gift Packet. No gift packs for OPEN DIVISION players.
What if an item in my daughter packet is too small or large?
First, see if you can trade with one of your teammates. If not, there will be limited supplies of extra items at the Registration Shed that we will be happy to swap – depending on availability
What if a team is not following the rules, or has a player outside the grade parameters playing on their team?
The grade year requirements for each age group are well documented and communicated to coaches / organization. If you become aware of a team that is not in compliance with the grade or age requirements - please inform your Head Coach. We will "ONLY" speak to Head Coaches. Coaches should bring this information to the attention of one of the members of the tournament staff in the Registration Tent.
Does the Tournament have a policy on sportsmanship?
Yes - The Star Spangled Tournament has made all registered clubs aware of this policy and is required to sign this policy when they register their teams. Unsportsmanlike behavior by a player, coach, parent or bystander will not be tolerated
Will any vendors be at the tournament?
Yes, a number of vendors will be on site all weekend.
Will any food vendors be available?
Yes – Baldwinsville Girls Booster Club will offer food service at the site all weekend.  No Grills are Allowed!
Are their bathrooms available at all the sites?
Yes – we will use the bathrooms located near the football stadium and porta-potties.
Is there a Lost and Found?
This is a large tournament – we strongly encourage everyone to safeguard his or her valuables. We do have items that get turned over to the Baldwinsville Lacrosse Staff – we will keep these items in the main concession stand - if you have lost something – please stop by.